New Adventures: Intuition 1 - Riccardo Guratti



In his research, Riccardo is inspired by renaissance dance and philosophy and it's relation with alchemy, intuition and imagination.

Body is in a constant dynamic equilibrium within itself, the forces around him and the space.

If body, then body in between bodies

Symbols/signs are the history that inhabit that body

body is: action-reaction / dominator-dominated / order-chaos / scientific-esoteric etc, at the same time.



In this period of my artistic research and development, I feel the need of exploring even more dance and its meaning, source, language and symbolism. My interest starts with the focus on renaissance dance and philosophy. The way in renaissance time people were conceiving the world is: the universe is ruled by different principles in a dynamic equilibrium and mostly takes the shape of a circle or a sphere, since those figures are the most perfect expression and synthesis between centrifugal and centrifuge forces. Human being are, in this dynamic world, direct representation/copy of God in its characteristics of generator, thinker (intellect/ratio), perception (intuition and senses).

Alchemy was supporting this thought by trying to achieve omniscience, which is the consciousness/awareness of past and future, good and bad at ones. Therefore, human beings are considered to be a collection of physical and spiritual virtues; those make possible that a human is able to conceive himself as a piece of art, cause of the wish/attempt to shape/educate his life as artists craft their own piece of art.

I'm inspired by Tiziano's  and Brueghel's paintings and also by “La Pellegrina” by G. Bargagli that is one of the earlier dance-music-theater piece written at that time for the wedding of Ferdinando I De' Medici and Christine de Lorraine (1564-68).

The attempt is to create a “home” for an alchemical performance to be in.


Riccardo Guratti (IT-NL) was born in Italy under the influence of the Moon in Venus.  At 17 he meets a black lioness and a red praying mantis and both, with the patience and the belief of a Kungfu master, introduce him into the world of movement, giving him the opportunity to grow and open his creative horizons beyond formal aspects. He studies then at the National Dance Academy in Rome, where between the Colosseum and the chemtrails, he understands that dance and choreography coincide with his life. He moves to Palermo, Berlin and Amsterdam following the migration of geese, reaching the SNDO School for new dance development. Since 2010 he creates his own works, varied in the forms as much as the people he meets and the places he lives in. Riccardo believes that the body conceals secret and otherworldly symbols. Since 2016 he co-directs CALA Festival, a festival for performance art in Italy, because he firmly believes that the north, today more than ever, has to migrate to the south just like the geese.




Part of NEW ADVENTURES 2017 - 2018


During a four week period, studio and theatre are in use by emerging artists in residence who are stepping in a new adventure. In that period, Dansmakers Amsterdam is a laboratory for innovation in dance and performance art.


Out of all applications, each year four performance artists and choreographers are selected with their research project for a residency period. They are challenged to return to the core of their artistic practice. Ideas are further explored and deepened and there is space for experimentation and reflection. The period ends with a short public performance, in which the makers connect with the audience and provide context to work.


The selected artists 17/18 are Riccardo Guratti, Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen / Andrea Zavala Folache & Keren Rosenberg / Charlie Prince




From 11 November  to 9 December Riccardo Guratti, Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen /Andrea Zavala Folache are at work in the studios with a public presentation on 9 and 10 December. 


From 2 January 2018 on, Sigrid Stigsdatter Mathiassen/Andrea Zavala Folache & Keren Rosenberg/Charlie Prince will be Residents, with a presentation on 3 & 4 February.






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