New Adventures: Aura - Moreno Perna

In this existence, we reside in our bodies, a vessel of our actions. Within the physical plane our bodies inhabit, it is our minds’ power to reason from which understanding is born. This may be evident, but what is not evident to all of us is the Aura: the coloured emanation of the energy within us connected to the rest of the universe. The Aura and its experience can be described in limitless ways, as they are unique to each and every one of us. 

I see my aura, I feel my aura, and I move from my Aura. 


Since 2011 I practice Kundalini Yoga meditation. The same year my grandmother died. She was from Puglia, Southern land of Italy where Taranta was born and magic is still alive. Since that same year, I started having psychic episodes of different nature and my consciousness expanded. Dance expanded my understanding of the universe and strengthen my senses, and now I believe spirituality to be a big part of my life. I want to dig deeper in understanding my own Aura, through different means of research, finding spiritual mentors and exploring more through my body. 


I want to apply that knowledge to my body, and to the body of other dancers, to awaken the senses and connect to the world though movement, magic and dance. 


The work on the body of the dancer is meant to trigger the inner work the audience can start. How can I move the public from within, while performing on stage for them? How can I create a sensitive space that is shared with the public? To answer these questions, I will take time to research with myself and other movers, thanks to residencies throughout the years of 2018 and 2019.



“AURA” is not only a performance, but it’s a research on a Movement Practice called “Auratic Practice” to be shared with other movers through workshops and, eventually, with the creation of a group piece. 


The project has been already supported by Dansmakers Amsterdam and ICK.

Vlaams Cultuurhuis De Brakke Grondhas also supported giving 20-days residency in their studios.

In prevision of a premiere in Autumn 2019, application to Dutch national funds will be fulfilled.



Moreno Perna (1989) is an Italian performer and choreographer based in Amsterdam. After graduating at the Amsterdam University of the Arts, he worked with Jan Fabre between 2014 and 2018, as part of the casts of “Mount Olympus - to Glorify the Cult of Tragedy” and “The Power of Theatrical Madness”. He also works as a nightlife performer under the name of Vortex X. His body of work focuses on the subject of identity as a cultural construct and how to find what is deeply and intrinsically humans behind social masks, through means of movement and spiritual research with his “Auratic Practice”. In collaboration with Dansmakers Amsterdam, he created two performances: “LDRC”, about the weird world of The Internet, and “XYX”, a performance about Gender identity.  

Moreno is now busy with the research of his new project "AURA", which has been supported with artistic residencies and co-productions by Dansmakers Amsterdam, ICK Amsterdam and De Brakke Grond.


© Bart Boodts Photography



Choreography: Moreno Perna Music: Moreno Perna with Elisa Batti & CYB Dramaturgy: Edith Cassiers Shamanic mentor: Anna Poch Movement mentor: Kenzo Kusuda Production: Dansmakers Amsterdam Thanks to ICK Amsterdam and Vlaams Cultuurhuis De Brakke Grond for the support A special thanks to Jesse Vanhoeck, Suzy Blok, Lucia di Pietro, Charlotte Lemstra and Suzan Tunca for the mentorship Thanks to everyone who join my research on AURA / Movement Practice: Donika Davids, Jesus De Vega, Sophia Dinkel (ICK), Veronika Kolomaznikova, Nataly Milena Orozco Mercado, Evgenia Rubanova, Pedro Matias Photography Thomas Lenden


Moreno Perna Dance: moreno.perna89@gmail.com; +310614507655 / http://www.morenoperna.com/ / https://www.facebook.com/morenopernadance



Production Plan for AURA:

  • August – November 2018: Theoretical research on the piece, with the help of Dramaturg Edith Cassiers, and specialist Shamans and exoteric subjects.
  • November – December 2018: Residency at Dansmakers Amsterdam, with final presentation of the research period.
  • Janurary – February 2019: New residency (to be found) to continue the research and work in progress.
  • Third residency period in 2019 (to be found): to finish the research and produce the piece. Looking for Co-Productions.
  • Autumn 2019: Possible premiere of “AURA”.


Video Links to Moreno Perna’s work:

Mount Olympus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ioy0tAu-JaI

LDRC: https://vimeo.com/229463336 / https://vimeo.com/226011173/f7f16e54d3

XYX: https://vimeo.com/248046141 / https://vimeo.com/263338279/7309ba6489






Part of 


Vier weken lang worden studio en theater ingenomen door aanstormende performance kunstenaars en choreografen die met verse ideeën een nieuw avontuur aangaan. In die periode is Dansmakers Amsterdam een laboratorium voor innovatie in dans en performance kunst.


Jaarlijks worden na een Open all vier choreografen met hun onderzoeksvoorstel uitgenodigd voor een residentieperiode bij Dansmakers Amsterdam. Zij keren terug naar de kern van hun artistieke praktijk. Ideeën worden verder verkend en uitgediept en er wordt ruimte gecreëerd voor experiment en reflectie. De periode wordt afgesloten met een korte publieke performance waarbij zij verbinding zoeken met het publiek en context bieden aan het werk. 


De geselecteerde kunstenaars 18/19 zijn  Moreno Perna, Moa Holgersson & Isadora Tomasi, Chronos, Lois Alexander, Karel Tuytschaever, Antonia Steffens









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