Online Atelier. How to communicate (about) your work online

The current Corona pandemic has driven artists to connect and communicate online even more than before. With climate change in mind and less traveling, we can continue to benefit from the digital age after these times. Not (only) as an alternative to the live experience, but as a positive potential. 

With a fixed group of makers and experts you will work intensively for two days. This online atelier offers a hands-on toolbox with new perspectives on online communication and creation. A collaboration between Dansmakers Amsterdam and European Dancehouse Network, with the aim to contribute to the building of sustainable artistic practices.


SPECS: Daily a morning and afternoon session of each +- 2.5 hours via Zoom. For choreographers and other performing artists (programmers, communiction staff members and directors of dance organizations are also most welcome). For the crash course you need a computer and a good wifi connection. A camera or smartphone for the film crah course (make sure you have enough space) and editing software, preferably on a computer or laptop.


NOTE: All participants take part in both days, the crash course is for makers only/prior.



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