Open Call: You Better Move #5

One Day Dance Festival, June 23th

The festival is is open to all all art forms extending the borders of dance. On top, we encourage makers to apply with performances making a crossing  to acrobatics, circus, aerial and other exciting forms.
Curated by Moreno Perna in collaboration with Dansmakers Amsterdam



Dansmakers Amsterdam launches an open call to submit proposals for performances and interventions, finished or work-in progress. On June 23th, we open our doors during the fifth edition of the You Better Move Dance Festival, and give artists the opportunity to show their work, give and receive workshops and talk about their works with audience and peers. The festival is open to all all art forms that start from the body. On top we encourage makers to apply with projects that reach into areas of acrobatic, circus & aerial techniques – or other exciting areas that add a new perspective on the physicality and theatricality. Proposals for You Better Move one-day dance Festival are open for choreographers, dancers and performance artists.Fill in the online form: https://goo.gl/forms/VpfUBzcs3QGAyJyo1


Fill in the online form: https://goo.gl/forms/VpfUBzcs3QGAyJyo1

The call closes on May 3th, 24:00 cet and will give preference to short works (max. 25-30 minutes).

More info www.dansmakers.nlruth@dansmakers.nl




You Better move #5

More info Open Call and festival


This recurring one-day dance festival is part of a series that Dansmakers Amsterdam initiates in order to support established and establishing artists by giving them space, feedback and the possibility to meet other makers, professionals and programmers. Dansmakers Amsterdam is a stage for establishing makers to show their work, a process, to give and take workshops or to pitch ideas. Each edition of You Better Move is curated by a choreographer working in Amsterdam and an opportunity for the Amsterdam dance scene to get and to stay together. You Better Move #5 on June 23th is curated by Moreno Perna.


We give preference to short works (max. 25-30 minutes) that can be presented with basic technicalities and that could be presented in the theater or a non-conventional space like a studio, foyer or outdoors. There is also the possibility to present the work or research as a pitch (max. 10 minutes). Ideas for workshops and installations are also welcomed.


Dansmakers Amsterdam provides:


- The opportunity to present the work to an audience in a professional, light and festive context

- A place to share, give and receive feedback and to meet other dance professionals and programmers

- Professional promotion of the festival and promotion of the participating artists

- Stage photography and registration

- Reimbursement of expenses and travel costs and a small performance fee
- Dinner and two free drinks on the festival day
- Free ticket for one guest


You can apply by filling in the online google form: https://goo.gl/forms/VpfUBzcs3QGAyJyo1


This includes:

  • Short description of the work (max. 150 words)
  • Biography (75 words) + portrait (min 2MB)
  • one video link to the work
  • 2 images of the work (min.  2MB)
  • technical requirements with a suggested place for your work (theatre, foyer, studio, outdoors)
  • number of dancers and crew (try to keep it low)


Note: the application text, video and images of the selected artists will be rewritten and used for the promotion of the festival.

The call closes on May 1th, 24:00 cet and will give preference to short works (max. 25-30 minutes).



Curated by Moreno Perna

Moreno Perna (1989) is an Italian performer based in Amsterdam. He graduated in Modern Theatre Dance from Amsterdam University of the Arts. In his work he focuses on creative research into identity as a cultural construct. He was one of the choreographers touring with the Moving Futures dance festival 2018.

He started out as a performer with Troubleyn/Jan Fabre and appears in Mount Olympus – to Glorify the Cult of Tragedy and De macht der theaterlijke dwaasheden. He also works as a nightclub performer under the name Vortex.

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