Keren Rosenberg is looking for Performers

Amsterdam based performer & choreographer Keren Rosenberg is looking for performers for two upcoming projects during 2020-2021

AUDITION: 22 & 23 Feb, 10:00 - 18:00

Keren Rosenberg, in partnership with Dansmakers Amsterdam, has recently been selected for the New Makers subsidy scheme by the Dutch performing Arts funds, where she will get the opportunity to develop her work further and breathe life into two new works and tour between 2020-2021.


She is currently looking for mature performers with powerful physical presence, intuitive musicality, experience in partner work and the curiosity to explore physical and emotional performative states.

**A performer who can also play a musical or electronic instrument is a great plus.


Performers who are based in the Netherlands, preferably in Amsterdam, who are interested in developing along term artistic relationship and can commit to projects on a longer scope are welcome to apply.


Please send your CV & a video that you feel that represents who you are the most to kerenrosenbergworks@gmail.com. Closing date 9th of February.

Accepted applicants will be contacted by February the 13th with further details. Audition will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of February from 10-18.

We kindly ask the applicants to be available on both dates.



Work periods:

Not on this Earth - The void of Longing

A physical and spiritual duet that seeks to bring the body back in time - to its primal roots, to its essential form: boundless and pure.

CREATION PERIOD: 23/3 - 4/4 & 13/4 - 15/4 2020

PERFORMANCES DATES: 16/4,18/4,25/4,13/5,6/6,12/6,29/92020 (With possibility for further performances during 2020 & 2021



If we were to strip away of our social skins what will we discover underneath?

Going Primal is a vibrating punk-rave performance for 6 Guitarists and dancers, where audiences and performers share the same ecstatic feeling while the performative environment is continuously shifting in the space

CREATION PERIOD: 15 Oct - 24 Nov 2020
PREMIER: 25 & 26 Nov 2020
TOUR: 2021
RESEARCH PERIOD: 2 weeks during July-August -TBA


****Important: Please specify your working availabilities in the mail


photo ©Alwin poiana

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