Dansmakers studio ITE renamed, reborn

Jacuzzi, new space for rehearsal, Shared Movement Practice and Open Studio


Since April 1st, five performers and choreographers rent the Dansmakers studio ITE. The group (Setareh Fatehi, Tomislav Feller, Noha Ramadan, Michele Rizzo, Eva Susova) have been hunting around for a space to build up a collective model for a choreographic atelier. Since they applied to the SED for theri individual projects they have decided to put their money together and therefore create not just a space for their practice but as well a “little extra”.


They have named the space JACUZZI. Jacuzzi's mission is to both allow for their individual rehearsals, as well as to explore different frameworks for sharing their practices and artistic experiments amongst tehmselves and within the broader independent dance context.


They would like to invite you to join them for a drink and introduction on Friday 5th May at Jacuzzi studios, Ite Boeremastraat 1. Since April 1st, they are hugely excited to have the honor to be renting the Dansmakers studio ITE full time for some months.



New Shared Movement Practice

From May 1st, we will run Shared Movement Practice, at Jacuzzi weekly Monday night from 7-9pm. Each week will be facilitated/led by either one of the group or someone else within the scene.



Open Studio

From May 5th they will have an OPEN STUDIO from 5pm.

'' We don't really know what this can be yet. The idea is that independent choreographers can come to hang out, work on their laptops, stretch or dance, drink coffee, whatever, get advice on current hairstyles, remember that there is an outside world amongst all the administration, or have a meeting. A shared living room for our independent choreographer friends.''


We hope to extend the Open Studio into curated gatherings on Friday evenings.


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