Emotional Porn: Exhibition of the Self

How much of what we share about ourselves is real?

WHEN: 5.10, 23:59

WHERE: Nederlandse Dansdagen, Club Tweak, Maastricht




Work by performer | choreographer Keren Rosenberg, visuala rtist Tony Markus Sacharias and filmmaker Nicola Cavalazzi in co-production with DansmakersAmsterdam.

Meet our Universe


Emotional Porn- Exhibition of the Selfis a boundless universe of dance and audiovisual art installation which explores our social obsession in self-exposure through the use of modern technologies. In this performance the boundaries between dance, video art, design and sound dissolve into an immersive space which welcomes people to connect to themselves through the reflection of the other.


Performance Trailer



In the current reality we all share, the use of image and positioning is in the forefront of social discussions. Our existential experience is in constant shift between virtual and physical worlds. We produce never ending images about our lives, experiences, bodies, while in constant quest to create the perfect image to be seen by real and imaginedaudiences.

The performance is an engaging experience where in space, a physical and virtual interface is created live between the human body, image and performance. Tony and Nicola create shifting virtual universes while Keren brings them to life with her presence, physicality and performance. Inviting audiences to question on their own perception of identity, as the work touches realms of intimacy, vulnerabilities, fear and confrontation.

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