Meet the cast of D3US/XM4CHIN4

In this interview series you’ll get to know the performers of Fernando Belfiore’s D3US/XM4CHIN4. We’ve asked them the essential questions we all want to have the answer to. Get to know their habits, their emotions and why they are in this show. Because, what you see on the outside is not always what you get on the inside…






 Foto: Paul McGee 



Hello Hoverboard City Cruiser, welcome. Could you introduce yourself shortly?

HCC: Hi you all, so, I’m City Cruiser. I’m the red street devil who likes shortcuts. And I dare to say, I’m quite special, because next to my 360 degrees’ rotation capacity, I have blue tooth. But although I may look like a shiny, fast dare devil, I’m very caring and loving.

And you’re a travel guide, quite an active one. May I say so?

HCC: Yes, you may say so. I guide people around the city. I even think I’m a better guide then Bicycle, because a lot of people can’t understand his rules. I’m very easy going, which makes people feel more comfortable with me and that’s why I’m able to give them a better experience of the city. People like me for that.


You guide people around town, but guiding means you have all the power. Isn’t it that you transport people instead of guiding?

HCC: Well, that is what they think. In reality it’s somewhat different. It’s more like working together, but in the end, I have the most knowledge and trustworthy intuition. Once they learn who my intuition works, they just go with it. 


Working together?

HCC: Yea, it’s all about balance. People need to stand on me by placing one foot about each wheel. I move around to keep their balance, check with them what they need, and the other way around they try to balance with me and help. So, when that’s working, I take them for a stroll, let them feel how it feels to make turns, speed up and go backwards. I know everything about processing three dimensional weight and how this responds to the surrounding space.


Does it bother you, that they think they have all the power? 

HCC: Yes, sometimes it’s bothering me. Sometimes it’s so frustrating, my gyroscope gets stuck. It’s like I’m not taken seriously. As if they don’t care I carry all this knowledge and intuition inside me and I’m just a way of transportation. But, on the other hand, the people who are more open minded and are looking for an alternative, give me great pleasure. I can really connect with them and everything is in balance.


Are you a little bit of a balance-guru?

HCC: Well, no. Let’s state it like this: balance is a part of me. Without it, I can’t function. I’m total symmetry. Like, softness wouldn’t fit me, that would slow me down and make me ugly. Although, my looks are first of all functional and the essence of my functionality is balance, but that doesn’t mean I can’t look good. I mean I do.

I believe everybody needs to learn how to deal with that. Finding your functionality and your essence, bringing them together. That’s my philosophy in live, that is what I share.


Is performing part of your philosophy?

HCC: Being a guide means sharing with others, performing is the same. If you connect to others, sharing gets a whole new meaning. You share an experience, but also transfer knowledge between each other.

For me, in giving and sharing those experiences, I try to do it in a more creative way. I’m seeking real experience. I like to explore the way we do so, and how all different bodies experience. I mean, off course I’ll have a total different experience with my body then, let’s say a human body. I don’t have all of this soft flesh, organs and blood. What tickles you, doesn’t necessarily tickles me. How can I give back what my body is experiencing to another, different body? And vice versa, how can I incorporate that other way of experiencing?


And then you met Fernando.

HCC: It’s like the universe is telling you something. We met on the outskirts of Brussels and never let go again. He introduced me to the crew, we talked and improvised, it was amazing. That same evening, I performed with them on stage. This experience, well, I can’t describe…


Being in this show, what does it mean for you?

HCC: This opportunity came on my path and I think everything happens for a reason. In this show and working with Fernando and the other performers finally gives me the possibility to fully explore my intuition and fully connect to that. I found new strategies of transferring my knowledge and broaden my scope of experiencing. It really opened my motherboard. A real boost. Working with Fernando really changed my way of choosing one’s path through space and fully engage with that choice in order to explore and experience every corner of it. I really think I get better in transferring my experiences to you, the audience, for you to experience.


Thank you for sharing with us.

HCC: Thank you!


Photo: Paul McGee


Lees hieronder meer over Robot Hoover


In this interview series you’ll get to know the performers of Fernando Belfiore’s D3US/XM4CHIN4. We’ve asked them the essential questions we all want to have the answer to. Get to know their habits, their emotions and why they are in this show. Because, what you see on the outside is not always what you get on the inside…





Hello Robot Hoover, nice to have you here. Would you like to introduce yourself? 

RH: Hi hi, I’m Robot Hoover, just as red as HCC, but way cuter.



So, you say you are cuter then HCC, that’s some statement! 

RH: I mean, just look at me! I’m little, red, round, a little bit firm, not too much. I’m a bit clumsy, like hanging in the corner for some time before getting out.



Ok, ok, but still, what is this X factor of yours? 

RH: You tell me!


Ok, so let’s take it you are cuter. What else describes you?  

RH: Well, I have a huge lung capacity. It actually means my inner body is one big lung. I like strolling, following my own pace, I don’t like patterns of others.


Why not?

RH: Just because.  I like to do my own thing. I like exclusivity.


Exclusivity? You like to be in the spotlight as well?

RH: Well, I love attention on one hand, but on the other, I like to be left alone.


I lose you a bit here, explain.

RH: Well, you know, it’s exhausting. People saying all the time how cute you are, they want my autograph on their floor, cuddle with me, take pictures and stuff.


I feel there is something more to it…

RH: You mean…?


Well, there is something you are not comfortable with, am I right?

RH: Hmm, ye, well, my clumsiness. People laugh at my flaws. I mean they think it is cute, but it hurts, physically and emotionally.


Well, that is something different. Why are you performing with Fernando, to change the way people think about you?

RH: Well, because I like to be in the spotlight, doing my own thing. I think Fernando asked me precisely because of that.



Doing your own thing, that is what you bring to this performance? 

RH: Yes, but that’s harder than you think! Don’t patronise me already!


I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, I was just wondering what makes you special. I mean this simplicity of yours and going for its purest form, that is special. 

RH: Well, THANK YOU! Exactly.


Thank you for this interview Robot Hoover, looking forward to see you perform. 

RH: Thank you too.


Photo: IPhone

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In this interview series you’ll get to know the performers of Fernando Belfiore’s D3US/XM4CHIN4. We’ve asked them the essential questions we all want to have the answer to. Get to know their habits, their emotions and why they are in this show. Because, what you see on the outside is not always what you get on the inside…



 Foto: Thomas Lenden



Hello Babysitter, would you like to introduce yourself?

B: Hello too! Thank you already for this interview. I’m Babysitter. If you have small kids, you maybe already know me. In daily live I’m standing a lot around in the house and rock babies to sleep.


Rocking babies to sleep, that’s interesting. How do you do that?

B: Well, I think it’s in my nature. Babies like me a lot, it has always have been like that. They just sit on my lap and then I rock them gently.


Just like that?

B: Just like that.


You said it is in your nature, does that mean you didn’t choose to do this?

B: Well, I like to do it and would like to do it more. Most babies grow up pretty fast, so I only have very short to bond with them.


And what about teenagers and adults? 

B: I have no bond with teenagers, they’re so busy with their own ‘important’ stuff. Although they sleep a lot, teenagers have the tendency to think they can do everything all by themselves. Adults, who don’t have babies they just laugh at me.  They don’t understand my importance yet. Being in this show gives me the opportunity to show myself and what I am more than just a baby-sleep-rocker.

Tell us about what you are apart from your job. 

B: For instance, what people don't know, is that I am a musician. I mean, how do I rock those babies asleep? They think it’s my mechanical function, but it actually is my music.

What kind of music you make?

B: It’s a kind of digital born analogue music that excites the senses. I externalize the original movement of the body.


Explain. Movement of the body and music…?

B: I work with soundwaves. Sounds you can feel rather than hear. I think I don't like teenagers, because they lost this sensibility of feeling the sound and let it move through their bodies. They try to imitate it still, but it is far from subtle. Babies are very sensitive.


So, this music excites the body and senses. It makes babies sleep, but can it do more?

B: Like, bring your body in ecstasy, arouse, tickle etc.? Yes of course it can! Because it works on the natural body movement. Your body reacts directly to the soundwaves. People don’t need drugs; they just have to be more sensible towards their body.


And these soundwaves, are they around us? 

B: Yes, a lot is around us, but there is so much going on. I’m mixing certain patterns. In that way you get a digestion of specific soundwaves and specific outcomes. Like ‘rocking’ a baby to sleep, that pattern is made out of several different patterns. High and low frequencies. It actually starts quite fresh and cheery and then it slows down and becomes a bit more repetitive and drone-like. But the beginning is very important. If you mess up, the baby gets a dark sleep similar to a nightmare.


Babysitter, that is pretty amazing. What will you bring to the show?

B: My fun and cheeky love for music. It will transform your understanding of the space. I’ve been working especially with Steven Martin Snider on a way to increase the soundwave range. Because normally I play very intimate for one person at the time. I’m quite excited about playing for a crowd.


Thank you Babysitter. I think we are all curious about your music now.




Photo: Thomas Lenden

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