Choreographic Coding Lab bij Dansmakers

The second edition of the Choreographic Coding Lab (CCL) will take place at Dansmakers in Amsterdam from 26 to 30 May, and bring together an international group of code-savvy artists, creative coders, digital scenographers, code-minded musicians, interaction designers and the world of dance and choreography.


WANNEER: 26 – 30 May

WAAR: Dansmakers Amsterdam



Organized by FIBER, Motion Bank, and ICK Amsterdam, with the support of Dansmakers, the CCLab will provide a research environment at the intersection of dance, choreography, digital tools, data and code. Accompanying the lab, there will be a makers meetup and a keynote lecture that is open to the public.




Founded by Motion Bank, the nomadic Choreographic Coding Lab is an international travelling format offering arts professionals the opportunity to translate aspects of choreography and dance into digital form and apply choreographic thinking to their own practice.


A selected group of creative coders and choreography experts will be working on projects and ideas relating to technology and the moving body. Taking place at Dansmakers In a four-day interdisciplinary peer-to-peer setting, the participants will work on experiments and prototypes, participate in masterclasses, share knowledge, find new collaboration partners, and discuss ideas and challenges.

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