Open Call: You Better Move #4

One Day Dance Festival, April 20th
Curated by Paula Chaves

Dansmakers Amsterdam launches an open call to submit proposals for performances and interventions, finished or work-in progress. On April 20th, we open our doors during the fourth edition of You Better Move Dance Festival, and offer artists the opportunity to show their work, and talk about their works with audience and peers. Proposals for You Better Move one-day dance Festival are open for choreographers, dancers and performance artists.

Fill in the online form:

The call closes on February 15th, 24:00 cet and will give preference to short works (max. 25-30 minutes).

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More info Open Call and festival

This recurring one-day dance festival is part of a series that Dansmakers Amsterdam initiates in order to support established and establishing artists by offering them a stage, feedback and the possibility to meet other makers, professionals, art-lovers and programmers. You Better Move is a stage for establishing makers to show their work,  either finished or in process, or to pitch ideas. Each edition is composed by an Amsterdam based choreographer and the goal is to give an opportunity for the Amsterdam dance scene to exchange, to meet, to see and experience and to support new makers and their work. Each edition of You Better Move is curated by a choreographer working in Amsterdam. You Better Move #4 on April 20th is curated by Paula Chaves.

The call is open to artists based in Amsterdam or other Dutch cities with short works (max. 25-30 min) that can be presented with basic technicalities and that could be presented in the theater or a non-conventional space like a studio, foyer or outdoors. There is also the possibility to present the work or research as a pitch (max. 10 min). Ideas for workshops are also welcome. Works that can involve or welcome audience from the neighbourhood in Amsterdam Noord  in a special are more than welcome.

After the closing of the open-call, a selection will be made by curator Paula Chavez in collaboration with Dansmakers Amsterdam to create a buzzing festival

Dansmakers Amsterdam provides:

- The opportunity to present the work to an audience in a professional, light and festive context
- A place to share, give and receive feedback and to meet other dance professionals and programmers
- Professional promotion of the festival and promotion of the participating artists
- Stage photography and registration
- Reimbursement of  travel costs (in The Netherlands)
- There will be a small fee for each group/performer
- Dinner and two free drinks on the festival evening
- Free ticket for one guest

You can apply by filling in the online google form:

This includes:

  • Short description of the work (max. 150 words)

  • Biography (75 words) + portrait (min 2MB)

  • one videolink to the work

  • 2 images of the work (min.  2MB)

  • technical requirements with a suggested place for your work (theatre, foyer, studio, outdoors)

  • number of dancers and crew (try to keep it low)

Note: the application text, video and images of the selected artists will be rewritten and used for the promotion of the festival.

The call closes on February 12th, 24:00 cet and will give preference to short works (max. 25-30 minutes).

Curated by Paula Chaves

Paula Chaves is a choreographer sculpted by the Modern dance scene & Latino barrios of New York, the independent Contemporary dance & Circus scenes of Bogota, the D.I.Y. Queer movements of Berlin & the Post-dance and QueerPOC -people of color- communities of Amsterdam. She obtained her degree in Choreography at SNDO -school for new dance development- in Amsterdam, city in which she now works as freelance artist, activist and teacher.

In her research Paula re-appropriates & embodies popular culture aesthetics & technologies while inter-waving, exposing &/or juxtaposing it with social critic, gender theory & post-colonial narratives.

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